what'd I say?

I was listening to a proof copy of TIME CHILL ... and there were a number of instances when I couldn't quite understand the words I sang (and wrote!) This is something I have noticed before, but now I'm thinking perhaps it would be of interest to you all if I offered the lyrics contained on this latest album?

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  • Please do.
  • Or....we can make up our own words like we do for "Louie Louie"!!!!!!

  • That would be wonderful. There was a cute post on Facebook about how kids today don't fully appreciate how lucky they are to be able to google lyrics. My personal favorite was my beloved sister-in-law's interpretation of AC/DC's Dirty Deeds. It became Thirty Thieves and the Dunder Chief!!! BTW, dear Robert, congratulations on being a Hall of Fame Songwriter. Can't think of anybody who deserves it more.
  • Yes that would be appreciated! Thank you!
  • Robert, just want to say how lovely TIME CHILL is. You have such a way with words and such soft sweet voice. I love it
  • Lyrics? Yes, please!
    I truly enjoy reading the lyrics and digging deeper to try and understand the full meaning of a song.
    ... aaaaand, it's nice to have the right words when singing along in the car...although 'missed' lyrics can be kinda fun.
    I've checked for lyrics on some of your earlier work, I wasn't very successful in my search. Is there a link anyone would suggest?
    ...can't wait to dive into ' Time Chill' :)
  • Yes, liner notes are always appreciated as learning the motivation behind the song always makes listening to it that much more meaningful.
  • Yes! The Liner Notes section will be very interesting!

    How about Tabla and In This Country, even though they aren't on Time Chill? 


  • I am still hoping for you to find the time to make a booklet with illustration of all your lyrics! Is that idea still in your planning?

    • That is a very good idea! I would really LOVE to see these illustrations one day.

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