• Robin, I've just seen the new rendition of Introduction on You Tube, but I hope I get to hear it in person soon! :) 

    • Hi Stephanie!
      That would be so exciting!
    • Any idea what side of the stage RL is on this tour ?? He's been on the right side the last few yrs

      Looking to score some seats for Bethel in July
    • Pete, he's on the right from the perspective of looking at the stage. :) 

    • Thanks, saw that later on You Tube. Ended up getting 3rd row right side w/ M&G.

      Never been to Bethel so should be good
    • Cool. Chicago/Doobies was actually the last time I saw C. That was 1999. It was good but I think next month will be better. In the 90s, I thought Jason was the best they could do to replace Peter, a very impossible task but it was still awkward. In recent years with Jason, I would not have paid $350 to see them, or maybe I would just because I missed seeing Robert and the Horns, but still would have been disappointed with the vocals. But, I am now pretty excited that Jeff Coffey is on board and have high hopes!!

    • Hi Stephanie!
      Robert will blow you away on how much soul he has in his voice, especially live. He does this song justice!
    • Yep! All three originals get the spotlight when they play it. 

    • Most definitely!
  • Hey Robin my top 10 favorite songs here they are: Temporary Jones, Skinny Boy, It's a groove this life, Intesity, You are my sunshine, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is, Questions 67 and 68, Beginnings, The door and Some of what and yes you guessed it Robert Lamm and Chicago songs!
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