• Hi Stephanie!
      I hope you get to hear them too!
    • Hi Stephanie!
      Have a great time at the concert!
    • Thanks Robin! Four more weeks and it's time! Today, I'm celebrating Chicago's 50th by playing some classic videos for my students. ;) 

    • How did your students like the music?
    • Hi Robin. They tolerated the music, but they really liked Lee's hair!! ;) 

    • I think its great that you share your love for Chicagos music with your students!
    • Thanks Robin! They'll get an earful next month too. ;) 

    • I'm sure they are used to it by now! Lol
    • Hi Stephanie!
      Will you let us know how it goes when you get back?
    • Of course!  A full report!  I am psyched about the Orchestra album being in the gift bags too. 

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