• Thanks for your list Robin. I listened to the songs I didn't know and I really enjoyed Someday by Sugar Ray. I think I will add it to my playlist.  I continue to  look for songs that have lyrics that are thoughtful and deeper than the usual shallow content of most popular songs. I guess that is why I am drawn to Robert's music. I would describe him as a weathered lyricist and I appreciate that. If you think of any songs whose lyrics fill that description, please let me know. I am always looking for new songs to enjoy.

    • Hey Mary!

      I’m glad you liked the song “Someday”! RL is a one of a kind writer, but if I find anything  similar to his writing I will add it here. Thanks for your response!

  • Hey Everyone!

    These are some of my favorite songs besides RL and Chicago!

    1. Bruno Mars “24 Karat Magic”
    2. Pharrell Williams “ Happy”
    3. Katie Perry “Firework”
    4. Jesse J “Domino”
    5. Pink “Raise Your Glass
    6. R.E.M. “Shiny Happy People”
    7. Sugar Ray  “Someday”
    8. Adam Levine “Lost Stars”
  • Hi Mary! I think in my opinion that Robert touches base with most genres! He seems to have a bit of Rock, Pop, Jazz, soul and of course his Bossa Nova CD is another musical influence he speaks  very highly of .    Robert has evolved with the times with his music while still maintaining his roots. If you listen to the earlier CDs there are many romantic tunes that easily are radio friendly if they had been released! I agree he should be on everyone’s playlist! Thanks for the great question! Maybe someone else can answer with more detail! Robin 

    • What I mean about playlist is that I listen to playlists on Amazon Prime. They have many genres of music but have not found one that seems to describe the music specifically that Robert writes. So I was wondering what the genre would be? Maybe you are right Robin in that the music can be categorized under many titles.

    • Hi Mary!

      I see so many different styles in RL’s writing so It’s probably hard to just add him to any one certain category but at the same time that makes him so interesting! 



  • What genre does everyone think that Robert's songs would qualify?  I would like to find other artists that have songs with horns and with thoughtful lyrics. Plus it would be nice to hear his solo music on a playlist.

  • Dave Alvin 'King of California'

    • Hey Andy! Sounds good! I’m going to check this out! Thanks for your response! Robin
  • I found this great song called How Did You Love by Shinetown.  The lyrics have the depth of RL's solo work.  I also came across a song called California Stars by Billy Bragg & Wilco.  It is an acoustical guitar type song.  Another interesting song is called Lost In My Mind by The Head and the Heart. Has anyone heard these songs?  I really enjoy them.

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