Hi Robert Lamm,

A compliment—or two—for you! I’m thrilled I’ve recently discovered some of your stellar performances. One of which, I can’t stop watching. It’s the VH1 taping—Beginnings. Oh my. The production values are pure perfection. The lighting—amazing, the audio—flawless, the high-energy from everyone—incredible and fun to watch. And then there’s you! The hair—eye-catching, the smile-dazzling, the face-flawless. But most importantly, your performance, attitude, personality and incredible talent really shine through. You are—well, just sexy as hell.  Wow.

Sadly, my only regret is that during the 70s I was pining for (my first and only crush—that is, until now!) Donny Osmond—Puppy Love, when I should’ve been experiencing Beginnings with Robert Lamm. Swoon.. Sigh….


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  • Hi Lynda!
    My favorite video also is Beginnings! One of the greatest songs!
  • It's easy to understand why people talk/write about "C" here since you do--after all-- fondly mention those days gone by in the landing page. It only makes sense that one (re:me) might feel she's in the right place to compliment the face of "C".   And a gorgeous face it is!  I've always loved  "C" but it was "L" that deserved the kudos.

  • .. And his eyes, so blue/green! Big sigh
  • Wow! Amen to that! That video, (a favorite), made me to follow him on social media two years back!

    Welcome to this nice forum! It's "The place to be" to discover his solo work.

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