Robert....thank you so much for introducing us to Zosia.  She posts her music on Facebook so that we can have the pleasure of enjoying her tremendous talent.  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the stars will all align and she'll be able to open for the band one day.  Or.....that she would be able to join you if you ever have the time for another solo show.  That would be incredible, I think.  Just a thought :)

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  • thank you so much CarolAnne for posting and everyone for your warm thoughts about the music. Happy Holidays!   

  • Thanks for posting CarolAnne. I so agree. Would love to see her & RL collaborate again. Her latest work on Tomi Malms release both as a vocalist with Warren Wiebe and as a background singer on many tracks was brilliant.
    • thanks Mary!  so appreciate your support!  

    • Thank you Carolanne for sharing! Zosia and Robert are amazing together so here is hoping they get together to create some magic again!
    • thank you Robin.  that is so sweet.  have an amazing holiday.  

    • You too, Zosia!
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