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Birthday Appreciation

Since it is Robert's birthday next month, thought it would be very timely to express our appreciation for his music and his work. Am sure that each of us can recall memories of times his music has delighted us, enriched our experience, helped us…

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6 Replies · Reply by Ann McC Oct 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Robert

Congratulations on another year of stunning performances and contributions to the music world. It's your birthday, yet we find ourselves on the receiving end of the gifts. Thank you for all you have shared with us.

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New songs not quite ready..

I've been working with Zosia on something. She's so creative. She intuitively understands what the song is about.

Almost ready with a cool tune with Jim Peterik, also a fast writer, both with lyric and melody.

A NoCal artist Jeff…

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12 Replies · Reply by Robin Oct 4, 2017