Liner Notes

Liner Notes:

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Robert Lamm

© 2001 Lamminations Music / BMG ASCAP

intensity is the key

what I mean is that I found an answer

been on my mind for quite some time

what it is that makes me care about her

when I’m mean and cause a scene

I tell her that I’d rather live without her

it’s such a lie, I’d surely die

and never sing another song again

sometimes I can barely make any sense of what she says

her logic is baffling at times just to say the least

an expert at making me so mad I can’t hardly see

a collection of energy

turns my head, shares my bed

fills my universe just with her laughter

she knows me well, knows my hell

and tries to understand just what I’m after

you see her eyes, it’s no surprise

I’ve never seen a man who didn’t want her

but hey that’s cool, I’m no fool

there’s no one who could want her more than me