Liner Notes

Liner Notes:

This where you may read my thoughts, my lyrics, my observations, etc... and if you are compelled to comment, rebut or discuss, that would be excellent! Do so in the “Discussions” section.

In response to a statement or question posted last month, which I replied to, then took down, and then put back up again, only to have the whole deal disappear...:

"My 'reduced role' in the band began in the late 70's, when we were guilty of advanced partying, absorbing Kath's death, and Seraphine's attempt to become a songwriter/leader of the band. (Subsequently he invited Champlin to join up). Cetera decided to not be part of a horn band ... or any band.

By '81, I was busy getting myself back on track, re-kindling the need to compose. Meantime, the horn section wanted to spend more time downstage, craving attention over all else.

I remembered that I always wanted to be a composer. I didn't care to be the focus, didn't care about videos, or merchandising.

I soon began work on what would become "Life is Good in My Neighborhood". What I could no longer do in the context of the band, was now welcome freedom to a new path to discovery, fulfillment, and creativity.

But it's all been good. We are each only human.