Liner Notes

Liner Notes:

This where you may read my thoughts, my lyrics, my observations, etc... and if you are compelled to comment, rebut or discuss, that would be excellent! Do so in the “Discussions” section.

It's been an interesting experience, this year, participating in the after show "photo op" ...

I've been very conscious of looking each person directly in the eye, as I extend my hand to meet him or her or them. Over the 50 years of receptions of all kinds, I am very much at ease.

They often seem surprised, and I often say something to make them feel welcome. I 'get' how sincere most all of our guests are in their affection for the music. I really do appreciate this new opportunity.

In our group pose, there are Lee, myself, Jeff and Pankow, on the floor level, and so, we are the "greeters" if you can visualize it.

As we shake hands, I sense that many are not sure which band member I am.  (Not so, with Lee, Jeff or Pankow). One mumbled as they avoided me,"I heard you're not friendly so I'll stand over there". Often they're not sure where to stand, we try to help, but they go off to the side or even try to scale the riser where the back row is posed, rather precariously. It's quite charming.

Granted, each guest or pair really only has a minute or so, as the photographer is shooting and getting set for the next party. We try to be as gracious as we can, and give full attention for the moment we have together. We hear the most moving, hilarious, and honest comments and we love it all.

I feel fortunate to have seen objectively and emotionally how our audiences feel about the band and our lifes' work.