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  • Hi Robert, Congratulations to you and James Pankow on being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Wish I hadn't been so shy and nervous in Phoenix or I would have congratulated you both then.
  • Hi Robert! 

    I was wondering if you plan to write an autobiography, I think it would be interesting and well worth reading.  

    Happy Easter.

  • Hey Robert! I just know that your new album is going to be wonderful and thanks again for all the love you put into your music!
  • Hello Robert, can't wait to see you in Stamford, Connecticut on Tuesday, March 14th

  • Hey Robert! Hope to find you doing okay! Hope you enjoyed your time off. Totally looking forward to seeing you guys March 25th in Oklahoma!!
  • Just want to let you know that you're the best keyboardist, singer and song writer ever and love every single song that you have ever written! And yes Sublety and Passion of course will always be my favorite!
  • Hey Robert! How are you? Hope you're doing well!
  • Good morning Robert~ I wanted to thank you for taking the time to chat after the "San Diego" Harrah's show in July. It truly was a pleasure having that rare opportunity to just talk. I really appreciated it. Will look forward to future postings from you here or on the Chicago band site. Your fans and fans of Chicago will look forward to it. Cheers!
  • Happy Birthday to you Robert! Wishing you the very best! Enjoy your special day :)

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