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  • LOL You guys are funny!
  • I ordered 17 on 180 gram vinyl from Friday Music. It will be a neat way to hear it, really for the first time in a proper way for me.
  • Ok got it....Marty Grebb, formerly of the Buckinghams. He was a touring member in '80 and '81.

  • I thought that you thought that we thought......crumbs!

    Fortunately I dropped out by the time this nonsense was recorded, no wonder Mr Lamm has dark glassed on.

    Who's the horn player in the hat?

    The horns sound great but this is a low point - great when Jimmy blows though..

    Cetera claps himself at the end... hilarious

  • Stephanie thanks are you sure it wasn't The Osmonds!
    Thanks Robin it's interesting and shocking to see PC taking over and it's a very weak song from a very poor album. Of course worse was to follow.
  • Peter just wanted to join the Beach Boys. ;)
  • Hey Andy! I posted it because it was a vintage video that I never saw before and I thought the fans would like to see it.
  • That's awful....what happened to the boys? Cetera is very affected. It's a shocker of a song.
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